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Rediscover | Reinvent | Renew Yourself in 10 steps.
2 DAYS | 9am - 5pm (UK Time) | 21 - 22 MAY 2022 | central LONDON
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Have you ever told yourself:

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements, let me share something… it’s not just you!

There are a lot of people feeling the same way – confused, disappointed and discouraged. The good news is that now you can not only realise how you got in this vicious cycle, but also find how to escape it once and for all. I am here to help you change anything you don’t like.

Why have I created this program?

After holding consultations with thousands of people all over the world, I realised that no matter how different humans are, their problems are in fact… the same. Their relationships fail, they experience dissatisfaction with their job, they feel lonely, misunderstood and hopeless. And these examples are just a tiny part of the repeating cases I encounter in my daily practice as an NLP and coaching specialist.

Led by my willingness to help people prosper, I decided to create a program that summarises the main reasons why happiness and success stay away from our life. It is designed to assist any person in figuring out what the actual sources of their suffering are; in deeply understanding the real cause of their negative situations instead of fixing just the consequences with temporary solutions. Because, if we don’t pull out the issue by the roots, it will keep on appearing again and again.

Are you ready to find out why you have the problems that you have?

It’s high time we defused the bomb that is ticking inside of you for so long.

Who is it for? It’s for anyone who wants:

What results does it achieve? The program is working on helping you:

See your life from a different perspective. Turn the blind alley into the beginning of a new and amazing path

The program consist of 10 modules

Situation analysis

Where are you and where do you want to be in your life?


How do your beliefs stop you from being happy?


What is your pain trying to tell you?

Efforts vs Results

Evaluation of your priorities and actions


Techniques for gaining awareness and freeing yourself

Promise for the future

How to move on in a new, empowering way?

Role models

Who influences your choices and behaviour?

The highest value

Analysis of your values and their significance

Victim state

How do you end up a victim of circumstances?


A creative technique for building a vision

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  • 2 семинара на 05.02 и 06.02 от 10:00 до 19:00 с обедна почивка + 2 почивки по 15 мин.
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    Discover the power of 6 Human needs

Пакет "МАСТЪР"

  • 2 семинара на 05.02 и 06.02 от 10:00 до 19:00 с обедна почивка + 2 почивки по 15 мин.
  • Тетрадка
  • 2 х Бонус Уебинар “Имплементация” с Анастасия
  • Лична Консултация с Моузес Налока

Olympic Gold Medalist in Karate Tokyo 2020
for Moses nalocca

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