Why is choice important? Because it gives you freedom, it empowers you. Choice is something mighty. It allows you to gain control over your life.

Are you aware that you are the one who chooses what to think about? And still yes, it’s not you who determines what thoughts come into your mind, but it’s you who has the choice to decide for how long thеse thoughts have to stay in. It’s up to you for how long you will dwell in their energy

.A regular person has more than 80 000 thoughts a day. But people are not victims of the situation. They are able to consciously decide which thoughts to allow to stay.

Thoughts create words

If you always think about problems, your conversations will always be related to problems. If you always think about love, your conversations will always be inspired by love. What is in your mind is what is in your mouth.

Words create actions

Your words are a prophecy of what action you will take. When you speak you automatically command your body what to do and you change your environment.

Actions creates habits

You can take a deliberate choice to act on what you have thought and spoken about. What you repeatedly do turns into your habits. And you know, human beings we are creatures of habit. Habits are very hard to drastically change. You need to come up with higher habits in order to eliminate the poor ones. Remember, you don’t need to change a habit. You need to find a better way to satisfy that need which created it in the first place.

Habits create character

Habits have an Effect on your identity. They are predictors of success or the lack of it.

Character creates destiny

Character is not only who you are but who you choose to be. It navigates your journey in the world.

Thoughts are related to two things: feeling and time. When you spend a certain time on a particular thought you will have specific results. If you have the thought: “I don’t have money.” you will start feeling broke and useless. If this thought makes you feel bad and you prolong its presence for a while, you will truly become broke.

Be careful with your thoughts because they affect your whole life.

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